Anyone who was a fan of cannabis in the 1960s and ’70s will remember smoking pot via hand-rolled joints. So what is the secret to a perfectly rolled joint? The secret to a well-rolled paper-like Zig-Zag.

The colorful packets you see in head shops have the instantly recognizable image of a man wearing a Tunisian chechia cap and smoking a hand-rolled cigar. But, Lorenzo De Plano says, “I can remember seeing those orange little packets. My first experience was ZigZag papers.” Turning Point Brands hired Lorenzo De Plano, Eric Anwar two years ago to revive the Zig-Zag brand.

They have made many steps towards that goal, and their next project, an online entertainment hub seemingly unrelated to rolling paper, will debut on December 1. The seat will offer live streaming concerts, podcasts, and artist profiles to Zig-Zag youth.
Both men are young. De Plano (27) is Zig-Zag’s vice president for new ventures. Anwar (29) is the director of marketing. So their targeted outreach seems to be a natural fit.

De Plano states that “our thesis” was that many people could share their first experiences with beer brands. So we thought to ourselves: “You have this evolving landscape [young] of adult consumers, this proliferation cannabis legalization across Canada. So we want to provide the first experience for all of these adult consumers.

This was also the goal of Zig-Zag’s parent company, Turning Point Brands. So it recruited the pair, who previously co-founded Solace Technologies (a vaping liquid brand developer). The two met a long-time cash cow brand for Turning Point but had been in stagnation. The VP admits that revenues from this brand were “very flat for a long period of time.”

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